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February 2006



The February 2006 Parent Special Education e-Journal is now available.


In this Issue:


President’s Message--Dr. George Giuliani

March of Dimes Report on Global Birth Defects - Startles Scientists Worldwide

Letters to the Editor

Focus Question of the Month-- What are Eating Disorders?

Response by the FDA to Health Canada’s Decision to Suspend Sales of Adderall

Legal Issues Corner

Book Reviews

Update from the National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities

Report from the National Center on Secondary Education and Transition

Update from the U.S. Department of Education

Teachers Ask the Secretary

More Pareental Resources

Updates from Governmental Agencies on Special Education, Disability, and Health Related Issues


Throughout the month of January NAPCSE has updated and added many existing and new links to its databases. The continual updating and addition of links is an ongoing effort to maintain the highest level of quality information for parents with children in special education. As the informational database that is available on NAPCSE is constantly growing and changing, we encourage our members to notify us of any new sites or organizations to include at napcse.org. We also ask that if you come across a link that is no longer in operation that you notify us at support@naset.org. If you have suggestions for resources for the site, feel free to contact us at contact@napcse.org